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In today's digital landscape, where evolving algorithms and increasing ad costs pose challenges to brand visibility, innovative engagement is paramount. 

With over 20 years of experience navigating these dynamic waters, I bring a wealth of startup wisdom—from co-founding and scaling brands to notable acquisitions and accelerating 8-figure ventures. My roles as Chief Experience Officer at Everest and Chief Creative Officer at Catch Co. have taught me how to excel in grabbing attention in highly competitive markets, such as fishing.

It's not just about reaching your audience; it's about resonating with them, converting viewers into loyal customers, and clicks into revenue. My approach combines disruptive strategies with authentic storytelling, bridging the gap between direct-to-consumer touchpoints and premium retail experiences—all while prioritizing high-quality, result-driven outcomes that minimize uncertainty.

Let's redefine success together.

about me


From #1 in Instagram fishing content to #1 in retail

A little about myself.


Dived deep into the creative currents, co-founded CraftJack, navigated the e-commerce waves at LuckyVitamin, and sparked outdoor retail revolutions with Catch Co. Now, I'm deeply committed to igniting meaningful brand engagement that inspires personal growth and transformation.

Ventured through:

  • The rugged trails of the outdoors

  • The serene lakeside fishing spots

  • The essential world of vitamins & nutrition

  • And more from home improvement to the heartbeat of direct-to-consumer e-commerce.


EVEREST Chief Experience Officer


Multi-Seller Marketplace: Crafted a sticky brand position based on in-depth user research and visual merchandising strategies resulting launch wins: Revenue: +158.6%, Completed Orders: +141.2%, Goal Conversion: +347.83%, Users Growth: +87.2%, User Retention: +93.33%

Private Label Brand Building: Successfully crafted a private label brand, achieving a record low CPC onsite (316.67% lower than the Instagram CPC average), and spurred a significant Instagram follower increase of +293% within a month

CATCH CO Chief Creative Officer, Chief Design Officer

Content-driven Community Built Brand to Retail: Drove digital brand presence, achieving  130k Instagram followers in 10 months and a 300% increase in organic traffic, leading to Catch Co. becoming the #1 fishing retail SKU in Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods


DTC eCommerce: user experience (voted one of Newsweek's best eComm experiences 2022)

Creator & Private Label Brand Building: Designed & nurtured the strategy 8 private label brands & 3 influencer collaboration brands (20+ products for Googan Squad)

Sample projects


Picture of Mystery Tackle box on a dock in front of the water

Mystery Tackle Box

A 10-year project spanning from direct-to-consumer subscription to retail. Including collaboration projects directly with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart (even a NY Times writeup).

Mobile screenshots of Everest website Marketplace

Led a comprehensive product redesign, integrating Klevu AI search engine, resulting in a remarkable enhancement of Google Core Vitals from 10 to 82 (Mobile) / 92 (Desktop).

Collage of images showcasing Karl's Fishing and Outdoors website and retail stores

Karl’s Bait & Tackle

This quirky, direct-to-consumer shop thrives within a fun-loving Instagram community. Its goal? To capture the essence of the local tackle shop online and successfully expand into physical retail locations.

Collage of images showcasing Everest private label examples; box packaging, camp mug, t-shirt, and fun yeti character

Everest Private Label

Transformed a brand mascot into a community fueled private label, achieving a record-low CPC onsite (316.67% lower than the Instagram CPC average) and driving a significant increase in Instagram followers by +293% within a month. 

Mobile screenshots of Dick's Sporting Goods landing page featuring Googan Squad products

Googan Squad x Dick's Sporting Goods landing experience & retail

Crafting product launch experiences where each campaign is meticulously shaped around the story, embedding it within the entire ecosystem. 

Collage of Catch Co fishing packaging designs

Modern product branding

A range of brands dedicated to projecting strong, distinct personalities to celebrate the story of the job to be done. From private labels to the Content Creator fueled Googan Squad brand that dominated retail. 

Example of educational fishing tip for Instagram

Content frameworks

Building on the ultimate currency; Attention. The content process left behind the interruption and instead built on the story. One example, 90k TikTok followers in 7 months.

Image of bassmobile

Experiential destination  

Crafted the design for Catch Co's attention-grabbing Bassmobile, featured in Adweek

Collage of campaigns

Creative campaigns 

Throughout my career, I've executed structured campaigns, incorporating influencer collaborations that drove +79.69% engagement, segmented email narratives resulting in +79.24% conversions, and landing pages achieving a +56% conversion rate.

Collage of Catch Co retail display designs

Experiential retail

Retail display designs have been showcased in Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, Scheels, Gander Mountain, and other leading stores.


Time is the most important thing

What I can provide you is something that's not going to have to change for a very long time.


E-commerce / Lead-generation Process: UX / UI analysis, user interviews and implementation

Brand and creative discovery framework: Find your brand's uncommon denominator and determine what deliverables make the most impact

Content framework: Develop strategy for cross-pollination to maximize omnichannel presence

Creative team hiring: content creators, writers, designers, photographers, and film

Creative team mentorship

Pitch deck design

Brand consultation:
positioning, identity, voice

Retail / Experiential strategy and implementation

creative planning and implementation

DTC and Retail packaging strategy and implementation

Executive Coaching



Let's Talk

I love talking about new ideas and how I can help radically differentiate your brand experience.

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